Makaila Norton

Makaila Norton is the CEO and founder of “Broken Pieces”, a women's empowerment movement. She desires to empower women to be encouraged in their Broken state. To inspire them to know that through their broken pieces, they can still live on and do what God purposed in their lives. This vision was birthed to her in a dream and now she’s making it into a reality. Before even starting “Broken Pieces”, she has spent 18 years pleasing others, confused, and going through life purposeless not knowing who she really was. Born and raised in the church, she knew there was more in store for her future and that God had greater for her.


Graduating from a Technical Academy with a 4.0, accomplishing everything, everybody wanted her to but now stuck with now what? So at the age of 18, she decided to step out on faith and get married to whom God had called her to be with. The fear of pleasing others wasn’t greater than her desire to please God. She has been talked about, bashed, and misunderstood but she’s still standing to tell the story.


At age 22, she is now, Co-Pastor of a thriving ministry, wife of a powerful Apostle, and mother of a handsome son! Her life has flew by pretty quickly but through the process, she has matured and her faith in God has increased even the more. Makaila Norton is currently working on her ministry God has birthed inside of her “Broken Pieces”’. She lives by Mark 16:15 “Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the message of God's good news to one and all”. Makaila is unashamed to tell her story of Brokenness because through her brokenness she has been able to find her destiny and purpose.